Hotel Dupont Wedding Photography // Youser &Mohammed Wilmington, DE

Al-Sharqi & AbbasWedding

#SundaySweetMoments from Youser Al-Sharqi and Mohammed Abbas’s wedding that was nothing less than royal.

The moment we saw Youser, we knew that she was going to be the most beautiful bride. Her dress was beyond amazing and we wanted to capture its shine before the wedding.

Mohammed was extremely calm before the wedding and was eagerly waiting for his bride.

Thanks to the beautiful entrance of the Grand Ballroom, we were able to take some great pictures. These 1st look images were just amazing and we were glad to have the opportunity.

The couple was so in love that they simple fell into our poses so naturally.

The Room Reveal before the entrance… this is what we call the ultimate moment at a wedding!

The glittering chandeliers and gilded roses made for a phenomenal backdrop. Yes, the couple had that royal vibe, but the ballroom’s décor increased everything tenfold.

The classic mirror pose was a must. We couldn’t stop ourselves from including the décor, especially the stunning couch and the white blooms.

Every couple needs to have a power pose and for Youser and Mohammad, it came naturally.

We kept telling ourselves “one last picture,” but the bride and the groom looked so good together that we couldn’t stop ourselves.

The cute wedding favors, the gold and white cake and the dining table décor… everything was so elegant.

After the ceremony, it was time for the “bride and groom” dance. The entire party cheered them on, while they performed a traditional Persian number.

After a few minutes, craziness ensued. The men hoisted the bride and groom for a unique dance.

Mohammed gave a welcome speech and Youser couldn’t stop smiling. We have no idea what Mohammed was trying to do, but it was definitely a hilarious dance move.

The wedding ended with a movie-style kiss. The final dance took place with the bride and groom be hoisted on chairs.

Thank you, Mohammed and Youser, for making us a part of this special day.