Lauxmont Farms Mehndi Photography // Nichell & Taha Wrightsville, PA

The Logue & Abbasi Mehndi

June 30 – This weekend is an ode to Nichell and Taha who celebrated their #SundaySweetMoments eating sweets, getting engaged and dancing.

“Mehndi hai rachnewaali, haathon mein gehri laali”

We had the pleasure of covering Rasam-e-Mehendi (Henna Applying Ceremony) of Nichell and Taha, which was a unique and exciting cultural experience.

The Barat, Groom’s Wedding Procession, arrived in style. The groom was sitting on a horse surrounded by his loved ones.

The east meets the west. While the Baratis danced with joy in the arrival of the groom, the bride’s side cheered them on.  This was a moment that even we wanted to be a part of.

It was amazing how every person greeted the other with warm hugs and huge smiles. This was a moment we didn’t want to miss.

The bride wasn’t far behind… she arrived like a princess and was greeted by her prince.

The bride’s side of the party welcomed the Baratis with decorative diya (lamps).

Before the Rasam-e-Mehendi began, we took a couple of family photos because apparently, we were told that things were about to get messy… in a good way.

The ceremony began and each guest came up to the stage for the Rasam— which entailed feeding the bride and groom sweets and candies. Our camera never stopped clicking… it was utter madness with all the laughter.

Once the ceremony of congratulating the bride and groom ended, and the maid of honor and best man speeches were out of the way, the real show began. A dance war began between the bride and groom’s relatives.

The ceremony was a blast as they usually are! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to cover your ceremony and kudos to Lauxmont Farms for creating such an intimate setting.

Congratulations, Nichell and Taha, on your Mehendi!