Merion Caterers Wedding Photography // Tyler & Antonio

The Frantz-Bua Wedding

The little details matter, wedding rings and bands, as well as the elegant bridesmaid dresses. We loved the unique wedding cards that Tyler and Antonio opted for.

A wedding is all about the bride (wink). We knew that the girls would be having some pre-wedding fun— just look at their excitement and pouts!

The anticipation before the wedding gets the heart pumping, but these two were very calm. With a smile on their face, these two souls were simply waiting for the big moment.

We caught Antonio reading Tyler’s love note to him. We were able to capture how lovely and heartwarming her message was.

The moment she knew her life was about to change.

Every couple wants to capture this moment. Look at the love in Antonio’s eyes, as he looks at his bride for the first time in her wedding dress.

The perfect shot does exist and we were glad, we captured it.

And I now pronounce you husband and wife… to capture the kiss, we place the second photographer in the choir loft and took the shot just as their lips met.

The round of congratulations that ensued showed Antonio and Tyler that many people had been rooting for them.

This was such a cute way to say goodbye to the new couple. The cloud of bubbles looked quite refreshing.

The Merion is always an extremely beautiful and lush venue that offers us pretty amazing photos.


In each of these pictures, Antonio and Tyler’s love shines with reckless abandon.

A little pre and post-wedding shoot of the lovely couple. Don’t they look stunning?!

The Merion in all its glory!

The Merion did a wonderful job at decorating the venue. The candles added a fairytale touch to the ballroom.

The couple’s room reveal is a must shot for all the ballrooms at the Merion.

Candid announcements started the show off with a bang.

After their signature rose parade & sparkling entrance, it was time for the best man and maid of honor’s speech.

There wasn’t a single person in the ballroom, whose heart didn’t melt after hearing the speeches.

The dessert spread was a work of art and the donut board was a genius touch. We simply had to capture these chocolaty and cream-filled beauties.

Once the cocktails and champagne started flowing, everybody got their groove on and expressed how happy they were with this union.

No wedding is complete without the famous champagne tower; Tyler and Antonio were enjoying themselves.

Congratulations, Tyler and Antonio! Your wedding was full of wonderful surprises from the start till end. Thank you for including us in your big day.