The Desmond Wedding Photography // Raymond & Stephanie Main Line, PA

The Davis & Dodds Wedding

To make their June wedding special, Raymond and Stephanie chose the Desmond Hotel and St. Davids Episcopal Church to celebrate their wedding.

The day started with the refreshing faces of the bride and groom. They looked picture-perfect! .

Each member of the wedding party was handsome, beautiful, and beyond cute.

The ring bearer and flower girls were so eager to participate as they walked down the aisle. Our hearts melted when we saw the groom smiling ear to ear when he laid eyes on his bride.

It was such a heart-warming and mesmerizing moment when Raymond and Stephanie stood at the altar vowing their lives and love to each other. A little peak on the side and we captured these cuties praying… probably for the bride and groom’s happiness.

This was a picture-perfect moment.

We captured their natural smiles when they walked out of the chapel as one.

Before all the festivities began, we wanted to take advantage of all the greenery on the grounds of St. Davids Episcopal Church. We were able to find the perfect lighting and point our lenses in the right direction to capture some magical sunset images.

We found some gorgeous moments of the bride and groom amidst the lush and wild greenery outside the Church.

A few natural looking images of the happy couple and then we were off to the reception.

Their first dance was absolutely amazing!

The  speeches were well taken by everyone… in fact; it made Raymond and Stephanie laugh out loud. This couple truly had the brightest smiles!.

The festivities continued with Stephanie having an emotional dance with her father. Everybody posed for the final pictures and amidst the celebrations, we captured this sweet moment of Stephanie and Raymond hugging.

Thanks to the Desmond Hotel and St. Davids Episcopal Church for its breathtaking views, the wedding photography turned out amazing and very natural, bright and airy.

Congratulations to Raymond and Stephanie on tying the knot! Hope you have a happily married life till the end.