The Pyramid Club Wedding Photography // Madalina & Michael Philadelphia, Pa

The Vlasceanu-Morais Wedding

Madalina was a very hands-on bride. She wanted the day to be perfect, and it surely was. Her laugh and smile said it all.

Madalina’s love for her father was a camera-worthy moment and their bond was something that we had a great time capturing.

Michael was so calm and cool about the wedding, Madalina was a bundle of joy as well. It was only a matter of time when Madalina see him for the first time.

Once they were ready, the bride, the groom, the maid of honor and the best man were all smiles.

There were no white horses or carriages because this beautiful and happy bride arrived in a trolley. And from the looks of it, she had a great time!

The bride and groom smiled all the way through the ceremony. Their love shined brighter in their eyes and the kiss they shared looked like two souls coming together.

We just couldn’t get over how happy this couple was. This was no blushing bride or a reserved groom! They were enjoying themselves to the fullest.

Taking advantage of old city, we love to shoot in all that beautiful natural light.

The bridesmaids were having a blast, and had fun capturing pictures with the groom.

This moment was picture-perfect. It was like everyone had just clicked and we nailed it.

Madalina and Michael were looking for LOVE and they found it… literally.

The Pyramid Club’s roof offers the most mesmerizing view. Madalina and Michael took full advantage of it. The blue and white of Liberty 1 & 2 created the perfect tone … even we got lost in the moment!

This is one of our favorite pictures because it shows true passion.

Madalina was in a hurry to get to the bar and who wouldn’t… look at those well-stocked shelves!

The bride and the groom had gone all out when it came to the cake and floral decoration. They opted for a very casual seating arrangement and everyone had a lot of fun.

Everyone was excited about the bride and groom dance, especially Madalina. She was very excited to bust a move!

The maid of honor and best man speech was so hilarious and heart touching that the couple were laughing their head off one minute and hugging their friends the other.

The dance was absolutely crazy and we loved every minute of it. Everyone was doing their own thing and we had no problem deciding what moment to capture.

This goofy picture of men in black with grey and pink socks made us laugh out loud and we told the party to strike a pose. On the other hand, the ladies were elegant as always.

A journey began in the morning and ended at night. The happy passengers — Madalina and Michael— made every moment count and thanks to the Duca Studio Team & Pyramid Club, their day turned out to be very special.

Our heartiest congratulations to the love birds!