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Zena & Mark // Hotel Bethlehem

We are often asked if we are familiar with wedding ceremonies of all religious denominations.  We are happy to say, we’ve experienced them all!  We pride ourselves in knowing traditions and may have to dust up on some of the specifics to each bride and groom but we can guarantee you that you will not have to worry about us.  Zena and Mark are not only State Troopers (you may remember their engagement session…click here!) but they’re both Russian Orthodox and were relieved that we had experience 🙂

We kept them separated until the ceremony but were able to capture some fabulous images at Hotel Bethlehem.  Mark adores Zena and was super excited to marry his partner in life.  His groomsmen were great and his family was there to support him the whole way.  Nerves sometimes get the best of people but Mark’s entourage kept the morning fun and light hearted, maybe a few digs every now and then but it was always in good fun.

St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church is beautiful.  Very ornate and painted so perfectly, the colors were brilliant.  We have the best professional equipment and for intimate weddings that are low in light, our camera’s sensitivity to light allows us to never use flash that would distract from the  most important parts of the ceremony.  Lavender Seeds sprinkled the bride and groom as they left…check out their get away! It was a mint condition old school trooper car, way better then a limo if you ask us!
We walked the streets on the North Side of Bethlehem with the group and everyone had a blast playing in front of the lens. We created the timeline for their day with all their must haves included, most importantly we had them back in time for cocktail hour!
The party was amazing, and it was also Zena’s birthday, we wont blame Mark for trying to make it easy on his memory in the future 🙂  The room looked fantastic and their guests kept the dance floor going all night long.  As we always do, we stole the couple for a few minutes to photograph their goodbye shot outside.  We used their spotlight monogram on the outside of the Hotel Bethlehem and had them pose for a few quick minutes, we promised it would be painless and they loved what we created.

We are all so happy for the two of you and send our best wishes to you both and your future together.

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