“She is more precious than Rubies, nothing you desire can compare with her.”  Let’s introduce you to her…

Meet Shara…she’s magnetic and so beautiful from the inside of her heart to the tips of her fingers.  An animal rescuing, shoe loving, all.of.the.soup. making, beer drinking, and most incredible dog mom there ever was.

We spent the morning listening to music, drinking champagne and laughing with her sisters.  A morning like that is hard to beat.

Meet James, the jewelry designing, wood working, mustang restoring, family first, beer drinking dog dad that stole her heart.

There are always nerves, but when you know who’s waiting, you don’t even feel them.

And all the heart eye emojis for their first reveal…and the best part is it’s all caught on video.

Remember the “Mustang Restoring” descriptor from earlier…that’s her in alllll her wedding day glory.
I mean, guys, the interior is RED…the car even knew before they did. 🙂
Ballroom at Ellis Preserve has an incredible facade, at any time of day it’s the perfect backdrop.  Can we do this day all over again?!?!
One of the bagillion best parts of this day was the bridal party… they are all family, every last one of ’em.
The ceremony was beautiful not even the rain was going to challenge that…
oh, and see that arbor?  Remember the “wood working” adjective?  Our James of all trades 🙂

Guests mingled during cocktail hour while the amazing Finley Catering Staff at Ballroom at Ellis made sure every detail was perfectly set.
Schaffer Sound provided an incredible introduction to the reception as well as music for the entire evening.
After a few tears and toasts, feet were on the dance floor until the very.last.minute.
We couldn’t say goodbye without one last photo op, it just wouldn’t be a wedding at Ballroom at Ellis Preserve without it.I don’t have the words to describe how absolutely wonderful these two humans are, for each other and everyone that is lucky enough to know them.  Congratulations to you both, we can’t wait to see what’s next!