This Polar Vortex has us flashing back to our fall weddings, in particular, Katelin & Luke’s wedding at Deerfield Golf Club.

This week’s #WeddingWednesday post features a traditional timeline, with both the bride and groom preparing separately.

Katelin spent the morning with her bridesmaids, and slipped into her dress with help from her mom and sister.

We love the quiet moments between family, it’s the little moments amongst the big that mean the most.

Luke is the first to get married in his family, so this Mother-Son moment is super special.

We headed off to the church for the ceremony, and quickly snuck Katelin in before her walk down the aisle.

Gotta love when a ceremony goes off without a hitch and ON TIME!

Family portraits were photographed on the altar and then we shipped off to Deerfield Golf Club for bridal portraits.

I would be remiss not to mention what a group of troopers we had with this bridal party.  Bet you can’t tell it was FREEZING, the wind was fierce, but these photos are perfect!

We had fun with the group, but even more with our newlyweds…

Photographers talk about the “Golden Hour” all the time, and this one was epic.  We couldn’t feel our fingers or our face but it was too good to miss.

Katelin and Luke were all-in right along with me.  She’s flawless and frozen to the bone 🙂

Sunsets are everything, and we stayed out there as long as it lasted…

…and holy moly, I’m glad we did!

Deerfield Golf Club is a beautiful venue, not to mention their incredible staff.  From the moment we arrived, help was available at every turn.

I know I mentioned how fun this group was, but these entrances say it all.

And this first dance, as perfect as expected.

Toasts are always a highlight and these were no exception.  The whole room was smiling, a great way to kick off the night.

The reception was a blast, guests are still talking about this wedding I’m sure!  Congratulations Katelin and Luke, it’s an honor to have photographed your magical day.