Penn Oaks Golf Club Wedding Photography // Jena & Theodore Philadelphia, PA

The White & Leszcynski Wedding

June 21 – Today’s #FeelGoodFriday post is a special shout out to the most elegant couple – Jena White & Theodore Leszcynski.

We started the day by taking pictures of the lovely ladies. The wedding accessories and the bridesmaid dresses were so simple yet elegant.

Here is a picture of the gorgeous bride while she is getting ready— we wanted to capture the anticipation before the wedding.

Theodore was ready for us before Jena and we had a great time taking his pictures.

Even their two fur babies had their bow ties on, ready to join the show.

The big ol’ tree outside Penn Oaks always is a must have image and made for a scenic backdrop.

The groomsmen looked dapper in their suits and their slow-mo walk really made it fun for their pictures. The ladies weren’t far behind. They wanted us to shoot some funny poses, so we gave them a couple of ideas.

The beautiful grounds Penn Oaks Golf Club allowed us to take breathtaking photos. The chemistry between Jena and Theodore was visible and the lush background made it more prominent.

Everything was so beautiful, especially the table seating tree with the it’s adorable small hearts. They didn’t go with a traditional flower wedding cake. The small Pokémon looked adorable, perched on the cake.

The parents of the bride and groom made quite the entrance. We believe they were reliving their wedding glory days.

And then Jena and Theodore entered all pumped up for their first dance.

Theodore didn’t shy away from claiming his bride. We are glad that we captured the perfect swirl that the groom executed with grace.

The best man’s speech was absolutely hilarious. Our camera kept swinging back and forth between the guests and the groom. Thankfully, we captured Theodore losing his mind over what was being said. His hug said that he didn’t mind one bit!

Look at how cute the cake was! We just couldn’t get over it.

Grandma and grandpa couldn’t stop themselves from joining in the fun.

The fireworks are alway a grand exit and make for an iconic PEREFCT last shot.

Congratulations to Jena and Theodore on getting hitched!

The Penn Oaks Golf Club staff was very helpful throughout the event. Their Elegant Wedding was truly beautiful beyond words.

Thank you for inviting us to your event. We had a great time capturing your love!