Wedding Photographer & Wedding Videographer in Radnor, PA

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Duca Studio is a family-owned wedding photography business that has been serving Radnor, PA since 1965. Our award-winning Radnor, PA wedding photographers approach professional wedding photography differently, drawing our customers themselves. Our wedding photographer’s methods result in a style of wedding photography and wedding videography that feels new and captures the occasion in a more genuine way.


Our Radnor, PA wedding photographers are head and shoulders above the competition. Look through the wedding photography gallery linked below to see the wedding photography that has made our Radnor, PA wedding photographers the Radnor Area’s go-to wedding photographers and wedding videographers.

Radnor, PA wedding photographers
Wedding Photographer & Videographer in Radnor, PA​

Wedding Photographer & Videographer in Radnor, PA

Radnor is a suburb located approximately 13 miles west of Philadelphia. It is located in Pennsylvania’s Montgomery and Delaware Counties and is part of the Main Line, an affluent cluster of Philadelphia suburbs lining what was the Pennsylvania Railroad. Cabrini University and a large office complex near the train station are located in Radnor. The southern section of Radnor, PA, along Lancaster Avenue, was quickly commercialized in the 1980s and is now one of the premier office destinations in suburban Philadelphia. Duca Studio has been providing award-winning wedding photography and videography services in the Radnor, PA area for decades. For Radnor, PA wedding photographers, that capture your wedding perfectly, you can’t do better than the wedding photographers at Duca Studio.