A little wedding inspiration for #MondayMotivation, feast your eyes on Leslie and Marco’s BEAUTIFUL wedding at Cescaphe Event Group’s, Tendenza

I couldn’t wait to start the day with Leslie.  After chatting with her about her vision for the day, I knew we were a perfect fit.    The Loew’s Hotel hosted the bridal party for all things prep.  Who wouldn’t love being surrounded by their best people, especially, Mom and Dad?!?!

Sometimes we have 2 first reveals scheduled for the day, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get more emotional when Daddy sees his daughter for the first time on her wedding day.

Marco, we’re loving the bow ties, and your maroon suit was on point.  Nothing like a bride trusting her groom’s fashion sense, Leslie’s dress AND Marco’s suit were a surprise!

We love a first reveal, especially one set to unfold in front of city hall, all the excitement was boiling over for everyone.

We had to stop traffic, but it’s worth it for this reaction!

These rod iron gates were the perfect back drop, the perfect combination of strength and beauty.Talk about squad goals, this group was awesome.

So much of the city screams “picture perfect”, when you’re on Broad Street in Philadelphia, you gotta hit it all.



Next up, Merchant Exchange in Society Hill.  Leslie and Marco love architecture, so we had to take advantage, and boy did we!

There’s really nothing better than seeing something in your mind as you’re walking and to have it come to life in a work of art.

Leslie and Marco’s wedding ceremony at Tendenza was everything intimate and personal.  From their lifelong friend as officiant, a poem from their two fur babies and handwritten vows…it doesn’t get more perfect.

We spent some time photographing family groups, and still had time to enjoy cocktail hour…and there’s no cocktail hour quite like it.

One of our favorite parts of the evening is the room reveal.  Leslie and Marco walked in to their perfectly set ballroom, and we had to capture everything in it’s undisturbed beauty.  Guests are left with jaws on the floor, it’s that good!

We celebrated with speeches and toasts that had us laughing and crying for all the right reasons, even a special thank you from our bride and groom.

The reception was an absolute thrill, dancing until the last possible moment, they’d have gone into Sunday if we let them!

To say we love these two is an understatement.  It’s such an honor to now call these two friends, our family.  Congratulations Leslie and Marco, may your love know no bounds!