How do you make sure you look amazing in your wedding photos?
We have 4 great tips for you – read on and find out more.

Study the classic Hollywood pose. Almost every VIP on the red carpet is familiar with this pose: slightly turned towards the camera (about 45 degrees), one knee over the other with the weight of the body falling on the leg behind you, and one arm resting on your hip. This pose is flattering for everyone, regardless of size, height, or shape – so practice it at home, in the mirror. Yes, it might seem odd to do this alone, at home, but it can be more than worth it because it will give you self-confidence to show it off in front of the camera on your Big Day.

Choose wedding makeup that’s suitable for photos. It shouldn’t be something too heavy, but it should be enough to offer you a flawless look. Also, it is very important to be careful with how you choose colors for your makeup (e.g. orange can look odd on most skin complexions, while pink can make you look tired).

Have fun with your wedding photos . This is a once in a lifetime event – be happy and seize every single second of it. Yes, it will transpire in the wedding photos!

Lastly, trust your photographer and lean on them for support during your big day. Feeling awkward while posing? Not sure what to do with your hands? You won’t have to think twice about those little details because Duca Studio photographers are seasoned professionals when it comes to making you look effortless.

We know all the right angles and will help adjust you to look your best without looking overly posed.”

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