Tornado warnings and sheets of rain, everything mother nature threw at us, we tossed right back.  Remy and Chris had big plans for their wedding in Center City Philadelphia at the Crystal Tea Room, nothing was going to stop us!

Sun light poured into their apartment in Jersey during all things prep. What a tease, but made for GREAT photos!

We photographed all the details and the beautiful moment when Remy read a card from Chris, cue the waterworks!
A quick regroup with the girls kicked off the rest of the afternoon, everyone so excited to get to church.
Chris spent the early part of the day at the home he grew up in surrounded by family and friends who’ve been with him from the beginning.  The perfect way to start your wedding day.

Groom, meet Bride <3 I mean, the way he looks at her, we melted.

The ceremony and mass was beautiful, and the excitement that follows is simply the best.

A trip across the bridge into Philly with a stop at The 2nd Bank.  Don’t be fooled friends, its POURING!
Nothing is impossible with a group willing to brave the elements for friends.  Thank you Amazon for the last minute umbrella delivery 🙂

And you certainly can’t have your wedding in Philadelphia and NOT stop on Broad Street for the most iconic photo ever.  Also, can the roads always be wet?
A quick jump over to City Hall, we found shelter and managed to snag these awesome photos…and yes its STILL pouring, but you can’t tell by their smiles!
With all the obstacles, you’d think we’d miss cocktail hour, but nope, even managed to steal the newlyweds for a quick room reveal.  We love an empty ballroom <3
The evening started with a bang thanks to an incredible introduction and dance set by EBE Talent’s Band, Paris.  Guests were on their feet, all.night.long.

A huge shout out to all of the staff, from service to food, we’re sure guests are still talking about it.  Finley Catering is one of the best, with them you can’t go wrong.
Congratulations Remy and Chris!  We couldn’t be more excited for you both and your future together.