Nothing like a unique setting and a gold crown to mix things up a bit.  We’re loving this week’s #WeddingWednesday post featuring Hannah and Peter’s nuptials at Morris Arboretum in Philadelphia.

A first look to start things off is certainly one way to dive right into it all.  Hannah, Peter and their bridal party showed up dressed and ready to go.

Such a beautiful moment between these two, she’s stunning!

Morris Arboretum is probably one of the best garden themed locations for photographs.  So much to see, all in walking distance of each other.

Can’t there be more hours in the day?!?!?

Sometimes all it takes is a casual walk, hand in hand…it’s as easy as that for something as stunning as this…

When you’re groomsmen care about your wife and much as they do about you, you’re untouchable.

One of the best parts about this day was the opening of the new Loop De Loop Stickwork Sculpture by Patrick Dougherty.  Installation was completed literally days before Hannah and Peter were to be married.

Now, that’s perfect timing!

The ceremony was intimately beautiful, their faces say it all.

The reception was fantastic from the introductions to the final song.

Congratulations Hannah and Peter!  We’re honored to have been there for you on your wedding day.